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Rome: how to export ‘the made in Italy’ approach by staying in the center of the city.

The happy story of Hotel Lunetta, 4 star luxury boutique hotel just a few steps from the Roman square of Campo de 'Fiori ...
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Quantum Leap. From idea to market

The process of transformation of a patent in industrial product first, and trade later, itself is complex and costly and requires technical expertise, economic and marketing often not owned by the inventor ...
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SR Labs – The Eye Tracking Company. Look to the future.

Through the development of dedicated interfaces, SR Labs is able to provide new opportunities for interaction with electronic devices, screens or machinery ...
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Internationalization in Africa, Mediterranean & Middle East. We can do it!

Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo is to open doors and the right channels to provide business opportunities for Italian companies...
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ICTinnova – A high-tech start-up

ICTinnova is able to create innovative products through the integration of intelligent advanced technology algorithms for processing information...
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Arti Grafiche Boccia. Global approach and new technologies

An Italian experience, today with a strong European market and a non-European vision, a company that aims not to be the largest but the fastest, with the Italian style and attention to quality, with plants in Italy, Germany and Japan rated among the best in the world ...
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Jaguar Land Rover makes a statement through innovation

In a year that was extremely competitive and difficult for sales of premium cars that has just elapsed, JLR has closed with increase of sales by approximately 40% compared to the previous period ...
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The paradox of the movie industry

Without validation on the international market, you are likely to loose product Italian film quality. An internationalization strategy is therefore strategic to strengthen the chain of value of the entire audiovisual sector ...
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